Moss Café x Moms Feed the Bronx

Want to donate food to our local community fridges, but don’t have the time to cook or deliver? We’ve got you covered! We’ve teamed up with Moms Feed the Bronx to support our local fridges and provide delicious, nourishing meals to our neighbors.

Order any number of meals and/or grocery items from our Moms Feed the Bronx menu page below and we’ll handle delivering your order to the local fridges every Wednesday by 3pm.

Please select Store Pick Up (not Local Delivery) and we'll handle the delivery without charge, making sure the meals are distributed to the various fridges in our neighborhood. You will NOT need to come pick up at the store.

Please note, that only the items on the Moms Feed the Bronx menu page below are available for donation delivery to the local community fridges.

You can learn more about community fridges here.
You can learn more about Moms Feed the Bronx here