Eats Beat: Moss Cafe puts local ingredients to work for kosher cuisine

This isn’t your bubbe’s kosher food. Moss Cafe , an organic kosher and vegetarian restaurant in Riverdale (3260 Johnson Ave.), serves up eats with local ingredients like maitake mushrooms foraged straight from Van Cortlandt Park as a substitute for meat.

Best of the Bronx: Moss Café

A new business in the Bronx is providing healthy food choices.

Moss Cafe opened in Riverdale six months ago thanks to a Kickstarter campaign. Owners Emily and Alex Weisberg drew 333 backers online, raising over $51,000 within a year.

Some Kosher With Your Kale? The Sustainable Kosher Trend Grows

People crowdfund all kinds of projects these days–art shows, T-shirt businesses, indie rock bands. Emily Weisburg is crowdfunding a sustainable kosher restaurant.

6 food Kickstarters in NYC that are better than potato salad

Perhaps the best part of Kickstarter is really being able to see a change in the community. Moss Cafe aims to bring a Kosher, farm-to-table eatery and espresso bar to Riverdale in the Bronx, where no such place currently exists. A $25 pledge gets you a tote bag!

Moss Café: Farm to Table Kosher Café in Riverdale

Emily Weisberg knows good coffee. Over the phone, I drooled as she described the rich, bold, bitter aromas that put my mug full of reheated office-coffee-pot coffee to shame. She said, “I’ve been a barista for more than 10 years. My background is in coffee.” That’s why she’s opening Moss Café in Riverdale, NY.